Our Empowerment Approach

In our women/girl’s empowerment program, we have several ideas for future implementation. These ideas encompass various activities such as manufacturing school uniforms, producing reusable pads and washable diapers, making soap and detergents, as well as installing and maintaining solar power systems.

If these ideas are put into action, they have the potential to economically empower not only the women involved but also their families.

By engaging in school uniform manufacturing, the program can provide employment opportunities while ensuring students have access to affordable and high-quality uniforms. Producing reusable pads and washable diapers can offer sustainable and affordable solutions for menstrual hygiene management.

The production of soap and detergents can create additional income-generating activities for the women involved. Lastly, solar power installation and maintenance can provide access to clean and affordable energy sources, improving the living conditions and economic prospects of the beneficiaries.

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