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At Born to be Awesome Initiative, we are deeply committed to creating positive change and uplifting communities through our numerous projects and programs. Our diverse range of initiatives aims to address key issues impacting women and girls, promote menstrual health and hygiene, empower individuals, and foster environmental sustainability. From educational workshops to community outreach campaigns, each program is designed to make a meaningful impact and bring about lasting change. Explore our programs below to learn more about our efforts to create a more equitable and empowered society.


Our education program conducts workshops, awareness campaigns and community dialogues to educate women, girls, and community members about menstrual health, debunk myths, and promote positive attitudes towards menstruation.


Through our initiative, we strive to mobilize and distribute free disposable and reusable sanitary towels, detergent, and undergarments to marginalized women and girls, ensuring they have access to safe and hygienic menstrual products and accessories.

innovation & production

We run a programme for manufacturing reusable sanitary pads as a means of promoting sustainability and affordability.

Unlike disposable pads, which need to be discarded in special bins and do not decompose after disposal, washable pads offer a more sustainable solution.


In our women/girl’s empowerment program, as we run the re-usable menstrual pads programme, we have several plans for future implementation. 

These plans include various activities such as manufacturing school uniforms, producing reusable pads and washable diapers, making soap and detergents, as well as installing and maintaining solar power systems.


Transforming Lives: Empowering Underprivileged Women in Kenya

To achieve our programs, we have a vision of establishing a training center where women and girls can acquire valuable skills. 

This training center will serve as a skills hub, providing a platform for individuals to enhance their abilities and knowledge.


We actively involve the local community by organizing campaigns and advocacy sessions. These sessions are conducted either in person or through various media platforms, including mainstream and social media.

While both approaches are effective, the mainstream media approach allows us to reach a larger audience compared to face-to-face interactions.

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