Born to be Awesome Initiative Celebrates One-Year Anniversary with a day of charity.

Born to be Awesome Initiative, marked a significant milestone today as it celebrated its one-year anniversary.

In a heartwarming gesture of solidarity and compassion, the organization commemorated this occasion by extending support to the Total Rehab Center & Children’s Home for the Disabled, located in the Kasarani area of Nairobi County.

As part of the anniversary celebration, the Born to be Awesome Initiative mobilized support from generous donors and well-wishers to provide essential supplies to the center.

These supplies included a range of food items such as rice, beans, flour, and crucial sanitary products such as soap, sanitary pads, and adult diapers. This support aimed to alleviate some of the pressing needs faced by the center and enhance the quality of life for the residents.

The visit, held on November 18th, 2023, served a dual purpose – celebrating the organization’s remarkable journey over the past year while fulfilling its commitment to aiding those in need.

The program featured speeches from the organization’s administration, highlighting both the successes achieved and the challenges faced by the initiative since its inception.

A notable highlight of the event was the launch of the Born to be Awesome Initiative’s newly revamped website, a platform aimed at furthering their mission to empower communities and spread awareness about their impactful work.

Moreover, the interaction between the organization’s team and the children at the disabled children’s home fostered an environment of joy, connection, and shared humanity.

“This one-year milestone is a testament to the dedication and support of our community. We’ve faced challenges, but our commitment to making a difference in the lives of those in need remains unwavering,” remarked the Organisation founder, Ms. Jemimah Nyarondia, expressing gratitude for the support received and the opportunity to engage with the children.

The Born to be Awesome Initiative continues to exemplify the spirit of compassion and solidarity, embodying its ethos of making a positive impact on society.

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