Empowering Women and Enhancing Hygiene: A Milestone in Detergent Manufacturing Training

We’re pleased to share the latest milestone in our mission to empower local women and promote community hygiene. Today marked an inspiring training session in detergent manufacturing, made possible by the generous support of the East African Breweries Ltd. Corporate Social Responsibility program.

With the acquisition of raw materials and the dedication of local women, our session delved into the art of creating detergent from scratch. Guided by expert trainers, the women learned the precise ratios and methods needed to craft quality liquid detergent, utilizing a newly acquired electric mixer.

Witnessing the enthusiasm and appreciation of these women was a testament to the impact of practical education. By the end of the session, the group successfully produced an impressive 1000 liters of liquid detergent—a remarkable achievement reflecting their newfound skills.

This training is part of our broader women empowerment program, aiming not only to equip individuals with valuable skills but also to bolster community hygiene efforts. We’re integrating this initiative with our ongoing menstrual hygiene program, ensuring a holistic approach to health and empowerment.

Looking ahead, our goal is sustainability. We plan to commercialize aspects of our detergent manufacturing program, providing economic opportunities for the women involved while addressing local hygiene needs. Marketing strategies through online platforms and upcoming features on local television will further promote these endeavors, seeking support and collaboration to expand our impact.

Stay tuned as we continue to uplift and empower communities, one initiative at a time.

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