Born to be Awesome Initiative Founder Engages TV Audience on Critical Topics: Menstrual Health, Teenage Pregnancy, and Women Empowerment

Today, on January 10th, 2024, Ms. Jemimah Nyarondia, the Founder of the Born to be Awesome Initiative, was featured on Kenya Broadcasting Corporation TV for a discussion on Menstrual Health, Teenage Pregnancy, and Women Empowerment. 

The conversation delved into these crucial topics, focusing particularly on the challenges faced by girls in the remote regions where the organization operates, including the Mount Elgon region.

Jemimah depicted the hardships encountered by these girls, ranging from the lack of access to menstrual pads to early and forced marriages, leading to school dropout rates due to the overwhelming balance between family/community responsibilities and education. She highlighted the proactive measures and initiatives implemented by the organization to alleviate these pressing issues.

Regarding women’s empowerment, Jemimah shed light on the economic hardships experienced by women, emphasizing the organization’s persistent efforts to uplift their livelihoods Despite facing resource constraints. The Born to be Awesome Initiative collaborates with donors and well-wishers to mobilize resources crucial for these initiatives.

In conclusion, she made a heartfelt appeal for collaboration from well-wishers to join hands in finding sustainable solutions and alleviating these challenges faced by the communities.

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