Born to be Awesome Initiative Commissions Menstrual Health Project in Mt. Elgon, Bungoma County with Kenya Breweries Ltd. Sponsorship

In a significant move towards addressing menstrual health challenges in Mt. Elgon, Bungoma County, the Born to be Awesome Initiative commissioned the Menstrual Health Project. This endeavor, generously supported by Kenya Breweries Ltd., marks a pivotal step forward in the community’s journey towards improved menstrual hygiene.

Guided by the enthusiastic spirit and energy of the Born to be Awesome Initiative, the project aims to revolutionize menstrual health practices. Kenya Breweries Ltd. has generously come forward as the primary sponsor, emphasizing its dedication to social responsibility and community development.

The Menstrual Health Project comprises two essential components:

Under the Reusable Pads Sewing Project, women in the community are equipped with the necessary skills to create reusable menstrual pads. These pads not only offer a sustainable alternative to disposable products but also empower women with valuable income-generating opportunities.

Complementing this endeavor is the Detergent Making Project, which focuses on producing eco-friendly detergents tailored for washing the reusable pads. By ensuring proper hygiene maintenance, the project extends the lifespan of the pads and promotes environmental sustainability.

During the commissioning event, the women involved in the project expressed profound gratitude for the opportunity and demonstrated their unwavering commitment to making the initiative a resounding success. With determination shining in their eyes, they spoke passionately about the potential of the project to bring about significant positive change within the community.

Ms. Jemimah Nyarondia, representing the Born to be Awesome Initiative, expressed heartfelt appreciation for the support received and highlighted the transformative impact of the project on the community. The launch event served as a platform to showcase the skills and determination of women involved in the project, setting the stage for ongoing success.

With the Born to be Awesome Initiative leading the way and Kenya Breweries Ltd. providing steadfast support, the commissioning of the Menstrual Health Project signifies a new chapter of empowerment and inclusivity in menstrual health for Mt. Elgon, Bungoma County.

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