Community Organizations Unite to Support Displaced Kibera Residents

June 8, 2024, Nairobi – Today, the Born to be Awesome Initiative proudly joined forces with several like-minded groups to provide essential support to displaced residents of the Kibera slums. These individuals have been affected by the ongoing relocation process of people living in houses built on riparian lands, a necessary move to protect the environment and ensure sustainable development.

Our collaborative effort, named the “Springs of Hope Amiu Initiative,” saw significant contributions from the AMREF International University community, which served as the main sponsor. Together, we mobilized and donated a variety of critical items, including food, sanitation products such as menstrual pads, health products, cholera vaccines, and other assorted drugs. These donations are aimed at addressing both immediate needs and long-term health concerns, ensuring that the displaced residents have access to essential services during this transition.

The initiative brought together a diverse array of organizations, including the Kenya Red Cross, Media Dynasty, AMREF Muslim Students Association, and the Okoa Kaka na Dadah Foundation. Each organization played a crucial role in the success of this effort.

Our founder, Ms. Jemimah Nyarondia, was present at the event, representing Born to be Awesome Initiative. She emphasized the importance of community support and solidarity in times of need, highlighting how collective efforts can bring about significant change.

“This initiative is a testament to what we can achieve when we come together for a common cause,” said Ms. Nyarondia. “We are grateful to all our partners and sponsors who have shown incredible generosity and compassion towards the displaced residents of Kibera. The challenges they face are immense, but with continued support, we can help them rebuild their lives and look forward to a brighter future.”

Ms. Nyarondia also took the opportunity to engage with the residents, listening to their stories and concerns. This personal interaction underscored the commitment of Born to be Awesome Initiative to not only provide material support but also to understand and address the emotional and psychological impacts of displacement.

The donations and support provided through the Springs of Hope Amiu Initiative are expected to make a significant impact on the lives of those affected. Food supplies will ensure that families do not go hungry, while sanitation products will help maintain hygiene and prevent the spread of diseases. Health products and vaccines are crucial in a community at high risk of outbreaks, particularly in the crowded conditions of temporary shelters.

Additionally, the assorted drugs donated will cater to various medical needs, from common ailments to chronic conditions, ensuring that residents have access to necessary treatments.

As we move forward, Born to be Awesome Initiative remains committed to monitoring the situation in Kibera and providing ongoing support. We will continue to collaborate with our partners, explore new avenues for assistance, and advocate for the needs of the displaced residents to ensure they are not forgotten.

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